Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Only Truth We Know is Hurt

There is an unfortunate perception out there that pain, hurt, and sadness are bad things.
I think the pain of life is the ultimate reminder of how wonderful life is. Sadness reminds us that we are truly alive. No other emotion, except perhaps love, can hit us so hard, and make us so aware of ourselves. And not even love can make us so reflective. Love tends to obscure the truth. sadness bares it in all its awful glory and terrible splendor.
That said, there is a danger in sadness. It is possible to lose sight of the good things in life, to forget the pleasant truths and focus in on the tragedy. Forgetting the significance of the things we enjoy about life is merely the flip side of love, and no more of use than that emotion in ascertaining the truth.
But a healthy dose of sadness and misery can work wonders in clarifying one's mind. The veneer of ordinary life, which discourages reflection and promotes ignorance, is stripped away, and what is left must be faced for what it is.
Just a thought.

Thought for the Day: "In misery, we face the world revealed. The Veil of experience is torn away, to expose the grinning death's head of existence. It is both marvelous and terrifying"

-The Doom of Fools