Thursday, July 01, 2004

human stupidity

Well, another election has rolled on by, and the Liberal party is once again in power. I'm not sure how I feel about the results -relieved, I suppose- but also depressed. The lesser of two evils got in, but unfortunately there were two other evils which would have been even lesser!

But the purpose of this post is not to discuss the merits of the various political parties. However, something which this election has again made prominant is the ignorance of people. It is something which, no matter how often I encounter it, never ceases to surprise and disgust me.

The particular instance of stupidity to which I'm referring is the support given to the Conservative party by the lower classes (by which I mean much also of the lower middle class). It simply boggles my mind that the right wing, which is committed to tax cuts for the rich and the destruction of social programs which the poor need, is supported en masse by the very people who would suffer most from it! It makes me sick, and very, very exasperated.

The capitalist religion, unfortunately, is as accepted on this continent as the communist one was in the U.S.S.R., and that appears to mean that the best we can hope for is to keep the country as far away from the extreme right as possible. This election, that meant the Liberals.

Now, I realize that the facts I outlined abouve likely result from lack of higher education coupled with political indoctrination (just pick up a paper, or turn on the TV). Of course it isn't fair to blame someone for not knowing better. I do not feel so angry with the masses when it isn't their fault because they've never been told any different. Of course, those of them who have been told better and yet do not reform are a different story.
Anyway, even the totally ignorant ones are pursuing a purely selfish goal, they're just too ignorant to do it right!

Thought for the Day: "The only thing more irritating than a selfish person is an ignorant selfish person. The one you merely hate. The other both angers you with his or her selfishness, and annoys you with his or her ignorance"
-The Doom of Fools


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