Sunday, June 13, 2004


Here's a rant about communism inspired by the website:

Communism, as Marx envisioned its final stage, is a practical impossibility. It requires fundamental changes to the basically selfish, lazy and power hungry nature of human beings, implying as it does a society where all are equal, and where all people produce for the simple joy of production.
The creation of a Marxist utopia is also difficult if not impossible, if only by virtue of the fact that Marx himself never describes the process by which the dictatorship of the proletariat will transform into communism. Nor does Marx describe in any detail the way in which a true communist society would work, or the reasons which would keep it from degenerating (evolving?) into a capitalist system once again.
I am not a capitalist by any means, and I think that if ever a golden age of human love and understanding dawns, communism could become a reality. All that I'm saying is, don't hold your breath.
As for the professed communists out there, as far as I can see you're either power hungry, deluded, or dreamers.
In the case of the first variety, who often take the Soviet Union etc. as examples, I say this: To wish for a communism modeled off of that in the Soviet Union (or for that matter anywhere in the world today) is a terrible thing and an insult to Marx's beliefs, and stems from nothing but a shameless lust for power and a will to dominate others.
For any deluded communists out there, who either truly believe that communism is practical or who think the U.S.S.R is a shining example: wake up and smell the Gulag, people! Communism has never been created and will not be given all present norms of human nature. Stalin killed from 40-50 MILLION people while purporting to build communism (a claim which was, by the way, either a shameless lie or a dismal failure)!
Finally, to all the people out there who hope for better times and dream of a communist utopia someday existing: If human nature ever changes, it may be possible to create a perfect world, and it is perhaps a noble thing to work towards, but I see few enough signs in our world today which give me cause to hope. To you is given the choice. Either live a life in true accordance with Marx's ideal, and attempt to influence others to do the same through your example, or else resign communism to the dustbin of history and move on with your lives.

Communism is Dead!

Thought for the Day:

“Ignorance can be bliss for those who possess it, but it’s damned frustrating for the rest of us!” -The Doom of Fools


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